How NOT to Sell Your House

How NOT to Sell Your House

Looking to sell your house?  Well, there are certainly some things you can do that will make it nearly impossible to accomplish that goal.  I’ll give you 5 of the biggest mistakes to avoid so you can get it sold!


  1. Price it high.  There’s nothing more unappealing than an overpriced listing that will quietly sit on the market and collect dust.  Slowly becoming more and more stale each day, making all potential buyers less and less likely to look at your home, let alone buy it.  Buyers tend to think something is wrong with your house the longer it sits on the market.
  2. Let your yard, bushes, and grass get out of control.  Don’t mow, don’t trim and let it all get overgrown.  This is a sure fire way to not sell your house.  You’d be surprised how many sellers don’t bother with the yard.  It’s a shame too, because for a few hundred dollars, some fresh mulch and landscaping will go a long way in getting an offer on their property.
  3. Don’t bother cleaning anything.  Keep the windows dirty, the front door dirty and clutter everywhere.  Leave magazines on the counters, papers laying around, excessive trinkets, and dust collectors on countertops and shelves.  It’s hard for buyers to visualize with all your stuff everywhere; don’t make it harder!
  4. Certainly don’t update a bathroom or kitchen.  Leave everything outdated.  Buyers always gravitate towards new bathrooms and a new kitchen.  If you are going to put any money into your home those are the places to do it.
  5. Leave the house vacant with no furniture or furnishings if you want to make it hard to sell.  Buyers lack imagination and a house without furniture tends to look smaller to them.  It’s also hard for buyers to figure out where their furniture will actually go.  Guide them, help them.  You’ll be surprised how leaving some furniture in the home will make it much easier and quicker to sell.


Do the work upfront and you’ll be surprised how quickly you can sell your home, even in this market.  Don’t be like the masses that do it all wrong and are disappointed by the results.  Take advantage of your competition by NOT following these tips and sell that house!  Good luck!


Gabe Mellein was voted a Top Real Estate Agent – Exceptional in Service and Overall Satisfaction by Gulfshore Life Magazine in 2012.  He is the broker of Gulf Pointe Properties, Inc and has over 8 years experience in the SW Florida Real Estate Market.  He is a member of The Naples Area Board of Realtors, Bonita Springs – Estero Association of Realtors, Realtor Association of Greater Fort Myers and the Beach, The Florida Association of Realtors, The National Association of Realtors, and is nationally certified in Feng Shui for Real Estate.  Need real estate help?  Please contact Gabe at:  239.825.2234,  or


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