Getting You Paid

Getting You Paid

Getting You Paid by Brad Dohack

ROI, ROI, ROI – I would be willing to bet that Return on Investment reigns supreme on your priority list as a real estate investor. When you think about it, ROI motivates nearly every aspect of our life. Whether it is financial ROI through investing, emotional ROI through volunteering or donating to charity, or physical ROI through working out and dieting, getting a return for our efforts motivates each and every one of us.

We understand this fact and make ROI our number 1 priority for you. Let’s face it, the best aspect of being a landlord is getting paid each month. We believe so much in the fundamental principle of getting you paid in a timely fashion that we invest heavily in the process to expedite time frames. At Gulf Pointe Properties, our goal is to make it easy for tenants to pay and for you to receive your money. Tenants have the ability to pay us automatically online through our management software, and we, in turn, have the ability to deposit your money directly into your bank account through EFT’s (Electronic Funds Transfer). 85% of our Landlords are already using this service, but if you are in the 15%, we highly recommend contacting us to get your account set up this way. Through our banking relationships, we are able to pay you with a ZERO day hold, which means the money shows up in your account as fast as possible.

As with every aspect of our business, if you have any feedback or a suggestion, we would love to hear it.

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