How to Avoid Buying a Home with Hidden Mold Issues

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It’s been a year since Hurricane Ian left its mark on SWFL, and the housing market is very active. But don’t be too quick to seal the deal; your dream home might be harboring some unsightly secrets. We’re talking about mold in real estate—a silent, potentially dangerous intruder.

Brian Bland, a top mold remediation expert from iMold, joins us to shed light on how potential homebuyers can protect themselves from hidden mold issues. From due diligence steps to key inspection areas and navigating mold clauses in real estate contracts, this is your comprehensive guide to making a mold-smart purchase.

👥 *Featuring:*
– Host: Brad Dohack, Gulf Pointe Properties
– Guest: Brian Bland, iMold

🛠 *Topics Covered:*
– 0:35 Hidden signs of mold in a home
– 5:58 Mold inspection checklist
– 10:25 Health risks associated with mold
– 13:30 Legal considerations in buying a mold-affected home
– 17:30 Financial aspects and insurance coverage

💡 *Proactive Tips:*
– Always make sure to have the proper inspection clauses in your buying contract.
– Hire a great inspector who has the proper equipment to test for mold & moisture.
– Look into utilizing mold-resistant building materials if you’re planning renovations after the purchase.

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