Riding the Wave – February 2022 SWFL Market Update

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Have you ever surfed before? It’s not as easy as it looks, that’s for sure. Tons of paddling, trying to time the perfect wave, the balancing…it’s hard. If you’re not careful, you can get really beat up on the coral if you miss the wave. In many ways, this is much like real estate right now. It’s also hard to time the market, balance portfolios, and if you play it incorrectly, you can definitely get some war wounds. But….if you hit the wave properly, you’re in for an amazing ride. The real estate market in Southwest Florida knows that we’re in high season right now. In this month’s market update, we’ll go over the surprising stats that will help you understand how to ride the wave.

Brad Dohack
Gulf Pointe Properties
The Brad Dohack Team

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