Sellers – Please Do This One Thing if You Want to Sell!

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Recently I was showing properties on the beach in Naples.  From Coquina Sands, the Moorings, Park Shore, to Vanderbilt Beach.  There are some fabulous deals with gulf-front condominiums right now.  However, there was an interesting theme among several properties that caused me some problems and really turned off the buyers.  This ONE simple thing you can do as a seller will make all the difference!

First, let’s go over some things you should already know:

-Clear the clutter in the house.  Remove everything that is not serving a useful purpose.  When selling a house, less is more!  Don’t forget that.

-Make it sparkle – clean the place top to bottom, wash all the windows!

-Price the thing right from the get-go.  It does you no good to have your house overpriced and just sitting on the market.  It will become a place buyer’s wipe their feet and then move on to buy the less expensive property down the road.

-Make sure you have nice curb appeal. Have your landscaping trimmed and tidy. Have a nice welcoming entrance.

-If you have furniture in your home, stage it properly.  Remove pieces that are mismatched or out of place.  Without a doubt, homes always show better with furniture.  It gives buyers a sense of where their own furniture would go and gives it a more “homey” feel.  If your unit is vacant, you may want to consider staging the home with furniture.

– Consider painting some or all of the walls to a more neutral color.  Covering your walls in vibrant colors may look and feel right at the time, but when it comes time to resell your property, neutral is always best.  You want to appeal to the majority of buyers, thus increasing your chances for receiving an offer.

These are all great tips, but now I’m going to give you the ONE that will make all the difference to you as a seller; Oil, WD-40, rekey, and polish the door handle, or get a new lock!  You would be surprised how often a key doesn’t work or that you have to “jiggle” the handle or some other screwball way to try to get into the condo or house. Make it as easy as humanly possible for a buyer to get into your property!  As a selling feature, this is the FIRST thing a buyer will be touching on your home, so do it right.  You want people to easily “flow” into your home, not struggle to get through the door.

Implementing these tips will make all the difference in getting your home sold quickly, especially the last one! It’s one of the simplest, yet most often overlooked.  Stand apart from the other homes on the market and get it sold!



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