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As Seen in the Naples Daily News and Bonita Daily News

Feng Shui might sound foreign but it’s actually familiar to those of us in real estate.  Donald Trump says, “I don’t have to believe in Feng Shui, but I use it because it makes me money.”  How true THAT IS.  Feng Shui was developed by the Chinese in 250 B.C., around the time when they developed the first compass.  It’s not exactly a new fad; it has withstood the test of time.

Being a Feng Shui Certified Real Estate Broker, I get asked all the time “What is Feng Shui?”  I always answer with my own question: “What if you were sitting on the couch and I came up behind you and didn’t say anything. Could you sense me there?  100% of the time, my clients say “yes”.  That feeling is very real and that is Feng Shui–taking unseen energies that are present all around us and balancing them with physical things (i.e. furniture, art, colors on the wall, etc…) to create a harmonious environment in your home.  This results in attracting the right buyer quickly to your home.

I’m sure you’ve been in a house or condo that you just feel comfortable in and naturally stay longer in. In others, you can’t wait to get out because you feel so uncomfortable and may not even know why. Again, this is due to basic Feng Shui principles.  Major hotels like the Marriot, Hyatt, and lots of other businesses use these principles to make you feel comfortable.  SELLING YOUR HOME?  You want to get a buyer to stay in your house as long as possible, BECAUSE the longer they stay the more likely they will buy your house!

Some basics:

Declutter.  If you haven’t used an item in a year, then throw it away or give it away. Out with the old, in with the new; let the energy flow!

Clean your front door. Also, put on a new door handle if yours is in bad shape.  In Feng Shui, this is called the “mouth of chi” and it’s the first impression people have of your home.  In China, they repaint their front door every single year during the Chinese New year.

Get a door mat. Keep this simple. Put a plain black door mat in front of your entrance and two red flower pots on both sides of your door to represent a buyer and seller partnership.  Black represents water and red represents fire in Feng Shui, which is a very strong combination to attract wealth.

Simply decluttering your home and revamping your entrance will not only welcome people in, but urge them to stay-a great result whether you’re selling your home or not!





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