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Always Working to Save You Money by Dick Dohack

If you have utilized our services at Gulf Pointe Properties for any length of time, you are likely aware that we treat your property as if it were our own. property management and maintenance swfl This is particularly evident when it comes to maintenance and repairs. We closely monitor every maintenance request that comes in and strive to protect your investment and at the same time keep maintenance costs as low as possible.

Below you will find the email we send to every tenant that logs a maintenance request. In addition we ask pointed questions before maintenance is ever sent out.

Thank you for submitting your request. Please allow 48 -72 hours for non-emergency requests. We will send you an email notification as soon as we update your request. A copy of it is included below for your records. You can update the request online. In the meantime, please make every effort to troubleshoot the problem you are having. Below are recommendations for common issues that may occur.

*Make sure you know where the panel box and shut off valves are*


Air Conditioning Issue:
• Make sure filter is clean or has been changed recently
• Find the breaker box and switch off both the A/C label & Air Handler labels, then turn back on

Appliance Not Working:
• Make sure appliance is plugged in
• Check breaker box- reset breaker by turning it off and back on
• For Fridge- Check temperature settings
• For Dryer- Make sure lint catcher is clean

Clogged Drain:
• First try plunging the toilet/sink/tub
• For slow or clogged drains, use a drain cleaner such as Liquid Plumber or Drain-O

Electrical Issues:
• Check the breaker box to make sure all of the breakers are on
• Flip the appropriate breaker off and then back on to reset it
• Check light switches- some electrical outlets are connected to light switches
• Check / Change light bulbs if there is an issue with a light fixture

Garbage Disposal:
• Check breaker
• Try pressing the reset button on the garbage disposal under the sink

Issues With Pests? (ants, mice, etc)
• Tenant is responsible for Pest control in their individual unit
• Spray for the pest or call an exterminator
• Contact us if you believe you have an issue with bed bugs or WDO (wood destroying organisms such as termites)
Power Outage:
• Contact your Electric supplier to check for any reported power outages
(Florida Power & Light: 239-334-7754)

Smoke Detectors Beeping:
• Put new batteries in the detectors, if the issue continues contact the office immediately

White Spots on Dishes out of Dishwasher:
• This most likely is due to hard water. The best solution for this is to use a detergent with citrus or use citric acid in addition to your detergent
• If the property has a water softener, make sure it is filled with salt

Windows Letting Air In:
• Make sure window is closed correctly and locked

According to the Lease Agreement:
• Tenant is responsible to pay the cost to repair any damage they or their guests cause
• If the tenant makes maintenance request and no repair is needed upon arrival of service technician, the tenant is responsible to pay for the invoice

For Example:
– A foreign substance or object is clogging a toilet (other than human waste or toilet paper)
– Breaker is tripped (and there is no other issue)
– Light fixture issue is due to a bad bulb
– Batteries needed replaced in a beeping smoke detector
– Controls need adjusted in a refrigerator
– Electrical outlets that are controlled by a light switch are non-functioning due to the light switch being switched off
– Refrigerator water runs slowly due to needing filter changed
– Air Conditioner is constantly running and it is merely due to extreme weather temperatures (very typical in Florida summers)

In the past, our policy has been that we have employed outside contractors without any mark-up for maintenance requests. What we are finding is that the vibrant and competitive environment we are now experiencing is making it very difficult to provide the level of service and cost savings that you have grown to expect and we have been proud to deliver. We are finding that contractors are raising prices, cherry picking jobs, and failing to follow through on promises.

All of this has led us to a decision that the only way to provide an exceptional level of service was to hire our own in-house maintenance technician. This move allows us to respond more quickly, control costs, and more closely monitor the quality of the workmanship. If for any reason you would prefer that we employ outside contractors for your property we are more than happy to do so. Just let us know. Of course, we will still employ outside contractors when it comes to technical plumbing, electrical, or HVAC repairs.

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